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Are you guys ready to quell some Elemental Evil? If so… read on.

I know we are not quite ready to return to the game yet. With Out of the Abyss campaign about to start. However I figured it might be an appropriate time to get myself re-organized and try to come up to this campaign from a different angle. So far EE was the most challenging thing to follow for me, due to sandbox like set up. LMoP was a linear in design with only some aspects of explorations that went out of order (much easier to follow along).

So while we are playing OotA I will be flow charting and re-mapping EE to figure out the easiest approach. I have already done some research online to give me some assistance in it. I have also perused through the book and omitted some of the sidetracks going forward as it will either provide no value to the campaign or you guys might not find it challenging enough for you.

Now, let’s get going with the story line up to this point. Feel free to correct or add me if you think something is drastically different.


Ander – Halfling(Paladin) – Full Time – Steve

Augustine – Half-Elf(Bard) – Full Time – Cindy

Jan – High Elf(Wizard) – Full Time – Dave

Thrakk – Goblin[disguised as gnome](Rogue/Warlock) – Full Time – Angus

Vismund – Tiefling(Druid) – Part Time – Stef

LMoP has now been concluded with several perks out of it. With some help from Jan, Augustine was able to acquire a paperwork confirming him to be an heir of Aldith Tresendar, granting him Land Title to the Tresendar manor at the Town of Phandalin.

Ander has been able to finally obtain his “gift” from the fey (“Green lady”), and now has a blink dog as his mount. Also he is known as Ander the Dragon Slayer, since he has managed to destroy a young green dragon in an epic battle where he risked his life to save his companions. So he has spent much time basking in his glory and wooing some NPCs.

Jan was able to copy several of the spells into his wizard tome, and now has additional spells know. He is also in the possession of an ancient map that was found in the mines. (I do not recall if you guys have tried to figure out what it was). Jan also requested assistance of his fellow elves from homeland, to come and assist with discovering of the mines and the forge of spells, but the answer is yet to come.

Thrakk as always was up to his shenanigans, and getting into trouble. But nevertheless he has managed to befriend a fellow tribesman, Droop the Alchemist (Goblin leader that is now operating out of a Cragmaw castle). His tribe is a mercenary tribe and does not seek out conflict with neighbours. Also Thrakk has come back from the dead having made a pact with a patron (I believe it was a Fiend, but correct me if I am wrong)

Vismund a free roaming spirit occasionally has appeared in the campaign, after we have lost a barbarian somewhere along the way. He has helped with clearing out the forest and the village from the undead but is yet to play a pivotal part in the campaign.

Gundren the dwarf that has hired the party was pleased with the work that the team has accomplished, and has promised a hefty reward – 10% of the mine’s profits. After Nundro and Gundren mourned the death of their older brother they turned to the task at hand – the Mines. Unfortunately they are not fully operational yet, and the trade roots are not yet established. They have received a number of help from other Dwarven clans in order to re-establish the prosperity the region was once famous for.

If I recall correctly as a group you guys have agreed to hire someone to manage the finances in your absence and to oversee the construction of the Manor.

Also noteworthy: a new Lord Protector (Human – knight) has been sent over from City of Neverwinter to keep the peace in the region of Phandalin.

End of LMoP Campaign

Start of EE.

Each of the members spent time as they needed prior to heading out to Red Larch, as that is where the story has directed them. There were rumors of a missing delegation that needed to be investigated.

Harpers know that delegation included a renowned shield dwarf historian named Bruldenthar, who was transporting his collection of manuscripts to Waterdeep. Harpers (Augustine and Ander) don’t want the sage or his books to fall into the wrong hands.

Lords’ Alliance know that three important diplomats from cities in the alliance were leading the delegation: a moon elf from Silvermoon named Teresiel, a shield dwarf from Mirabar named Rhundorth, and a human noble from Waterdeep named Deseyna Majarra. The diplomats are important but Jan also knows that each also carries one part of a secret coded document that must be recovered at all costs.

Emerald Enclave knows that the above mentioned moon elf Teresiel had in her possession a pouch of magical seeds she was taking to the abbey of Goldenfileds, not far from Red Larch. Vismund knows that when these seeds are planted they are supposed to grow into a magical grove.

The Zhentarim aren’t particularly concerned about the delegation for its own sake, but they see an interesting opportunity here to rescue the missing delegates and win the gratitude of the leaders of Mirabar. Thrakk has a unique opportunity to prove the good faith of the Black Network by lending a helping hand.

After arriving at the town of Red Larch you guys have found several leads that were nothing but minor hindrances, and nothing that would steer you towards a missing delegation. Nothing, until you have found that hidden entrance into chamber of moving stones. While you have not managed to kill the mage, he somehow was able to escape, you did manage to find a clue. You found four Mirabar trade bars, each a foot-long spindle of iron, like two long, four-sided pyramids joined at the base. Upon investigation you find the bars to be genuine. The investigation of further wrong doings by “Belivers” are undertaken by the local Sheriff, who is also the local butcher. Good hearted fellow and is very much by the book of Law. He will seek out justice and punish justly. He is genuinely outraged, and has launched into a full investigation, finding some people responsible for the deaths and disappearing of residence of Red Larch. Some of the people in question either fled Red Larch or denied involvement despite the evidence against them. But you may be assured that justice will be served as the Sheriff is a man of his word.

After hanging around for several more days looking for specific information related to missing delegation here is what you discover (this is not info directly related to delegation but can in some way impact the story line:

The Mirabar delegation was last seen in the town of Beliard. (Info from a guard that came with another caravan from Beliard)

A dozen beautiful old books written in Dwarvish showed up in the cargo of a shady keelboat skipper in Womford. (Merchant of a local shop that bought a book from a merchant from Womford)

Four new graves – simple rock cairns, really – have appeared on windswept hilltop in the Sumber Hills, a few mines outside of town. (Shepherd who found it has no idea who is buried there, but can show the location if someone is interested)

A merchant heading north has had kegs marked with a strange symbol (from a wagon repair shop)

Your characters will be finishing up their long rest and heading out.

Take your time on deciding how to proceed from here on, as this is where we will pick up, when we resume the campaign.

Also, can you please send me an updated level 5 character sheet so I may go over them?

You guys might want to also come up with your little hoard of treasures that you have found on your adventure so far and see if you wish to re-distribute to optimize the use or story line. Also figure out what you wish to have as your supplies. Keep in mind that you might want to travel light. (Also NO you CANNOT shove everything into Dave’s bag of holding: If the bag is overloaded, pierced, or torn, it ruptures and is destroyed, and its contents are scattered in the Astral Plane. * Proceed with caution*)

LMoP // EE

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